Yash Dhanekar

Yash Dahenkar is Co-Founder and Director of Bitgenie, which is on the mission and vision to create products using Web 3.0 technologies. Yash is in Blockchain space since 2016 and has been an avid investor himself. He has a passion to teach and has been active for the last 5 years. He has been teaching Blockchain in various Colleges, Institutes, and Corporates which includes Bombay Stock Exchange, IIT- Bombay, Blockchain University – USA, Etlhive, and many more to add to the kitty. He has trained over 1500+ professionals and students. Being a stern believer in the blockchain, he expects it to be a megatrend and a business environment altering invention. He manages product development and growth at Bitgenie. His research interest is in Decentralized Intelligence.